Living Behind the Facade (2019)

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Living Behind the Facade (2019)
Living Behind the Facade (2019)

Living Behind the Facade: Memoirs Of A Gay Man's Journey Through the 20th Century (2019) by George Somers with Jaime Jackson [446 pp., perfect bound, B/W]

Living Behind the Facade is a first hand narrative about my Uncle George's fascinating life as a gay man in America from 1912 until his death in 2015 at the age of 101. George and I worked on his book from 1997 until 2004. The decision was made to published it posthumously. Full of interesting history, George's travels around the world, and what life was like for a gay man living the closeted life for most of his years. I think everyone can learn something important here. George confided to me, "This is the story I wanted to tell before I die." -- Jaime Jackson

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