About Guard Your Teeth!

What is “natural dental care?”
  • A non-invasive method of protecting and healing your teeth from dental disease.
  • Based on DNA studies of our Paleo ancestors that proves our species is capable of having healthy teeth without dental disease.
Some surprising "natural dental care" facts:
  • Why “dental plaque” is important to tooth health and strength.
  • Why sugar is necessary for building strong teeth.
  • Why tooth decay is an integral part of building strong teeth.
  • Why all oral bacteria are neither good nor bad, but are necessary.
  • How teeth heal themselves.
  • Why fluoride toothpastes and rinses contribute to cavities.

We all fear going to the dentist, and with good reason. They're there to take our teeth, not lecture us on how we can keep them! Guard Your Teeth! provides another path -- to keep them.

-- Jaime Jackson