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From the back cover . . .

"We should think of tooth decay as a wounding of the tooth, like a wound to your skin. You don’t tear out your skin when it’s wounded do you? You let it heal! It’s the same with the tooth. It needs to heal. But it’s not going to heal if we continue to let the dental industry tear away at our teeth in what is nothing less than a “search and destroy” mission. They’re after “tooth mass,” our tooth mass! And it’s a declaration of war against our teeth! Well, the time has come for us to fight back and rally around our own battle cry: 'Guard Your Teeth!'

"Our fate was sealed as kids when the Magical Tooth Fairy came in the night to take away our baby teeth. The message was clear . . . if we gave up our teeth freely, even eagerly, she would reward us with cash — if only pennies, nickles, and dimes — under our pillows. As we grew older and the Tooth Fairy faded away, we accepted another kind of tooth fairy in our lives, the dentist, who also took away our teeth. We were told of the '3 Tooth Truths' and were made to feel guilty and confused by them: #1—we were negligent in brushing and flossing, and deserved bad teeth; #2—we did not eat healthfully and so we created more tooth decay; and #3—we inherited poor “genes” from our parents and ancestors, and so we weren’t good enough to have good teeth. We were all told to accept this fate by our dentists and to get in their chairs to give up our teeth. And we did and still do. But that is now changing, as rebels from the “chair” are not only doubting the 3 Tooth Truths, they are challenging them as mythical nonsense. At the fringe of traditional dental care, a movement is stirring. We call it natural dental care, and it’s about keeping our teeth!"

Guard Your Teeth! follows the author’s journey from a mouthful of dental problems to a new, nature-based way of looking at and treating dental disease. Using good science, an investigation of our Paleolithic ancestors’ teeth, and herbal/minerals formulations, Jackson has formulated an entirely new paradigm for approaching dental disease and dental care.