About Basic Guidelines

About the Basic Guidelines

[From Chapter 1] "The natural trim is a humane, barefoot trimming method that mimics the natural wear patterns of wild, free-roaming horses (aka, the “mustang”) of the U.S. Great Basin. This simple action immediately “triggers” healthy new growth patterns, that, when accompanied by other natural holistic practices also based on this wild horse model, eventually result in naturally shaped hooves. By all accounts, this transformation is truly a miracle of nature, but, technically, it is a perfectly natural outcome — a biodynamic response — of the specie’s adaptation, embedded in the DNA of every horse living today. Hence, one does not force the foot to look like a wild horse hoof, but simply facilitates its growth through the natural trim method."

The Basic Guidelines represent my most current thinking (2019) about the natural trim. It is largely based on the extraordinary results of horses I trimmed over an 8 year period in a Paddock Paradise tracking system near Lompoc, California (USA).