About Basic Guidelines

About the Basic Guidelines

The Basic Guidelines (2019) of the natural trim are derived from the Theory of H°, a concept of natural hoof growth patterns and biomechanical balance governed by adaptive forces unique to the equine species. These forces, collectively called the Adaptive Force (A-force) are responsive to Universal Knowledge through species RNA (“RNA World”), and are, thus, cross-linked to the DNA of every horse. The biological evolution of DNA corresponds with the adaptation of Equus ferus ferus 1.4 million years ago; E. ferus ferus is genetically indistinguishable from Equus caballus (the modern horse). The A-force is not detected by our common senses, but is measurable indirectly as “mass migrational behavior” in accordance with the Theory of H°. The Basic Guidelines are deployed in the Paddock Paradise environment, a simulation of the specie’s adaptive environment, one of the 4 Pillars of NHC (natural horse care): natural diet, Paddock Paradise, natural gaits, natural trim. The Basic Guidelines are superseded by the Advanced Guidelines when unnatural care practices generate hoof (capsule) deformity. The Theory of H° was derived from data collected from wild, free-roaming horses of the United States Great Basin.