About Laminitis: A Plague

From the Foreword of my book:

"The mind-boggling levels and ever-widening spread of laminitis among all breeds of equines and in all disciplines around the world defy quantification. In my own clinics, it is nearly impossible to find cadavers that do not bear the mark of laminitis to some degree — and I have been conducting these for over 20 years. It is virtually impossible to visit a boarding facility, barn or pasture where its symptoms are not evident. As a plague of unconscionable proportions relative to the number horses on this planet, it has settled upon the horse world and, casting its grisly pall, clenches horse and owner firmly in its devastating grip. Yet, as a global epidemic, few owners recognize the extent of what is happening and why. So the plague continues its insidious spread under the radar of an unsuspecting horse world. How, in heaven’s name, is this possible?

"First off, the science and proven practices of natural horse/hoof care (NHC), based on the wild horse model, have made clear the causes, cure, and prevention of laminitis. And this book provides a concise and useful guide for horse owners to take immediate and swift action against laminitis and keep it out of their horses’ lives once and for all. Which is to say that the disease actually has its remedy and preventative “vaccine” within the regime of NHC. Like polio, it should be a thing of the past. But, as I’ve said, the plague is very much alive and rampaging, and it truly is a globally burgeoning and onerous burden upon the horse using community. The question many of us operating within the “safety zone” of NHC are asking is, 'Why?'”