About Advanced Trim Guidelines

About the Advanced Guidelines of the Natural Trim

The Advanced Guidelines (2019) of the natural trim supersede the Basic Guidelines and are deployed when unnatural care practices generate hoof (capsule) deformity. The Advanced Guidelines are rooted deeply in the Theory of H°, a concept of natural hoof growth patterns and biomechanical balance governed by adaptive forces unique to the equine species. These forces, collectively called the Adaptive Force (A-force) are responsive to Universal Knowledge through species RNA (“RNA World”), and are, thus, cross-linked to the DNA of every horse. The biological evolution of DNA corresponds with the adaptation of Equus ferus ferus 1.4 million years ago; E. ferus ferus is genetically indistinguishable from Equus caballus (the modern horse). The A-force is not detected by our common senses, but is measurable indirectly as “mass migrational behavior” in accordance with the Theory of H°. The ATG, thus, are a tool to breach the confines of positivism (empirical knowledge) and trigger restorative energy emanating from the A-force – called the Healing Field -- where mass, massless matter, and energy interchange to facilitate favorable species outcomes in accordance with the Theory of H°. The 4 Pillars of NHC (natural horse care: natural diet, Paddock Paradise, natural gaits, natural trim) partner together holistically to this end. The Theory of H° was derived from data collected from wild, free-roaming horses of the United States Great Basin.